‌It’s like a comb running through your hair...it continually operates, and it doesn’t clog up...
we refer to it as a sludge buster!‌

Sean Marvin, Technical Sales Representative, John Brooks Company

The results were immediate, as the 3mm micro bar screen catches everything from rags to random byproducts...maintenance is a breeze as all we have to do is occasionally adjust the tension on them.
Ken Mann, Rittman WWTP 

Our rep told me the customer at Lyman calls the screen his "Cadillac".
Jim O’Leary, OR-TEC

The Micro Bar Screen has been a lifesaver to the good health of our Sewer Treatment Plant...
It works great as it solved all of our problems which could have ruined our aerators.

Mayor Bayne Stone, Hazlehurst WWTP (Hazlehurst, GA)

The Blue Whale has been great...It’s probably been one of the best products that we purchased...
It’s saving on man hours. It’s saving on time. We couldn’t be happier with it.

Dan Milsap, Service Director, Louisville, Ohio

Ask any operator what their number one headache is, the vast majority will tell you wipes, rags and plastics causing blockages. It’s a maintenance nightmare. Blue Whale Screen solves this problem, period.
Jim O’Leary, OR-TEC

First, we have the water savings, then the reduced maintenance. 
I just feel that it is a very good piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Rich Goebeler, Chief Operator, WWTP, Louisville, Ohio

One of the major concerns I had selecting any screen was that it would have clogging issues, especially with the thicker solids... I have to say that [Micro Bar Screen] has been working fantastically.
Eric Fessler, President, FB Water Treatment